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Universal Credit Workshop​

Free Universal Credit Workshop​

FREE Universal Credit Workshop

Anyone who is single and unemployed, without any health problems, will have to claim Universal Credit. As we’ve mentioned in previous blog posts, this new claim will include housing costs and will be paid monthly. Below you can find helpful links to previous MoneyWise blogs about Universal Credit and what you need to do next.

For more information about what Universal Credit is and how it differs from the current benefits system, please see MoneyWise’s Universal Credit page:!-universal-credit/w8hmm

Under Universal Credit, you will receive one monthly payment which will be made up of different elements. To learn more about Universal Credit and how your award will be calculated, read our previous post:!Universal-Credit/c21xo/56c1b6710cf255bb2b243d4c

Any new claim for Universal Credit will begin with your claimant commitment. This is an agreement between you and your work coach about what you will do in order to claim Universal Credit. You can learn more about your claimant commitment by reading our previous blog post:!Universal-Credit-Your-Claimant-Commitment/c21xo/56d4393c0cf20d226f17f841

Under Universal Credit, it is important to have a long term plan to increase your income and move off Universal Credit – this will form part of your claimant commitment and may be reviewed and updated throughout your claim.!Universal-Credit/c21xo/56c1b6710cf255bb2b243d4c

If you need additional help with your claim or budgeting, be sure to tell your work coach are you initial meeting and have this extra help factored into your UC credit claim. If you live in Haringey and would like some general advice about Universal Credit, please call MoneyWise on 0208 347 3101.

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