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Information for disabled people employing a carer or personal assistant

The Low Incomes Tax Reform Group (LITRG) has launched an enhanced version of their Disability Tax Guide website.

This gives disabled people who take on a carer or personal assistant access to additional information and support on pay, tax and national insurance issues.

The government is encouraging independent living by giving people more choice about how their social and care needs are met through systems such as direct payments and personal budgets. If you use government money to take on a personal assistant, or if you fund your own help privately, you face the possibility of becoming an employer and having to deal with responsibilities such as tax, national insurance, paying wages and employment law.

On LITRG’s website at, you can download a newly published basic guide which explains the things that you need to consider. The guide is supported by a series of factsheets which explain important topics in more detail and provide links to the more detailed guidance on tax employment status, paying wages and tax issues. The site also features a free payslip tool that has been specially designed to work with the HMRC payroll software.

If you have any questions or comments about the site or its content, you can send them to

In England, working with Disability Rights UK, LITRG is also holding a series of 12 workshops which are aimed at helping new and prospective employers of personal assistants navigate the tax and National Insurance consequences of taking on a personal assistant.

LITRG will also be running a pilot email help service until April 2015. It will provide additional support to website users who have specific tax and National Insurance queries. More information about the scope and contact details of the help service can be found on the Disability Tax Guide website at

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